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Zurich Aviation Corporation, 2637 E Atlantic Blvd, Suite 263, 33062 Pompano Beach
As a respected aircraft brokerage firm, Zurich Aviation has the tools and experience you need when buying or selling aircraft. Located just north of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport KFXE at Pompano Beach KPMP, Zurich Aviation is in a prime location to serve clients from every continent. This allows us the advantage of providing maximum visibility of your aircraft to potential buyers.

Specializing in providing assistance to South American and USA buyers and sellers, Zurich Aviation is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to clients of every budget. No aircraft is too big or too small for our experienced sales team.

Cost-effective air travel begins with acquiring the finest aircraft at the best price. Today’s aircraft buyer has more options than ever, and making the right decision is essential. Once you are ready to begin your search for a new or preowned aircraft, we have the resources necessary to help you acquire the aircraft that will best suit your travel needs and price point.

Our expert sales team will work with you to understand what is important to you, and will present you with a series of aircraft recommendations that will suit your purpose and budget. Because we have no vested interest in promoting a specific make or model, we can accurately and impartially make a variety of recommendations.

Zurich Aviation has the expertise necessary to handle every aspect of aircraft sales. Whether you are purchasing your first aircraft or are an avid aircraft owner, our experienced sales team can help you.

We assist buyers in navigating the complexities of purchasing the aircraft that is right for them by:

Determining pricing and developing a complete pre-purchase evaluation of preowned aircraft
Confirming aircraft total time, engines times, ownership history, inspections and maintenance history and equipment
Promoting your plane through a variety of media tools, including direct mail, brochures, email and accessing a network of aircraft dealers that will advertise your aircraft to the global market
Advertising your aircraft on Zurich Aviation’s website inventory page
Overseeing the legal and accounting aspects of acquisition
Negotiating to secure the best price for new aircraft
Ensuring the adherence to FAA, TSA, IRS, State and Federal compliance requirements
When you list your aircraft with Zurich Aviation, you are tapping into a powerful network of aircraft sales professionals who will bring your aircraft to the attention of qualified buyers around the world. We handle every aspect of the process, from advertising to generating leads. We employ an aggressive marketing and advertising strategy to ensure the highest level of exposure for your aircraft.

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport KFXE is one of the busiest General Aviation centers in the United States, providing us with a prime location to offer maximum visibility for your aircraft. We utilize advanced technology that allows us to track the market and perform detailed analysis of aircraft that is currently available for sale. Whether you are buying or selling aircraft, Zurich Aviation enables you to easily make an educated decision.

Once a qualified purchaser is found for your aircraft, we will:

Prepare the necessary documentation for a purchasing agreement
Negotiate the details of the transaction
Complete all sale documentation required by the FAA
If a pre-purchase inspection is necessary, we will oversee the inspection to ensure that your interests are protected
Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that you remain informed throughout the entire process.

Contact us today to discuss how our knowledge and resources can be put to use for you.

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